Character design for a pet shop

Character design for a pet shop in Belgrade. #design #art #digital #drawing #conceptart #characterdesign #petshop #illustration #graphicdesign #animals #pets #petstore

Lion skater, an exercise in digital painting.

Fined for breaking rules of sd

Brothers fined $500 for breaking rules of social distancing. “We are outraged! We were unaware that the rules equally apply on creatures from other dimensions! We are suing!”   Their friend, the unindentified creature had no comments other than the fact that it was willing to pay its part of the fee. Their father (who…

Prints / Illustrations / Mugs

Stand…ing! This is a promo poster for my stand at which I was selling my mugs, prints and original drawings I created live on the spot. It was a new experience for me. For years I worked ONLY as an illustrator at home, “protected” from direct contacts with audience, but this really helped me realise…

Sticker design for VIBER UK

I had a great time designing stickers for Viber and UNICEF project “U-report”. There are two main characters, the lion and the mouse, here are the various stages.