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Tihomir Čelanović was born in 1977. in Belgrade, Serbia. He grew up in Kotor, Montenegro, graduated in 2001. at the Faculty of applied arts and design in Belgrade. His works were published in magazines: “Politikin Zabavnik”, “Striper”, “Lavirint”, “Bager”, “Politika”, “Veliko Dvorište”, “MAXIM”, “Grafička Zavera”, “Strip Pressing”, “Strip Vilajet”, “Vreme”, “AARGH!” (Czech Republic), “NONZI” (Italy). In 2000. he won first prize with short comic “Equinox” at the “La cita 2000″ contest in Torino, Italy. Collection of short comics “Kfatoliperazus” was published in 2001. in Italy by “Medicina Nucleare”. His first album “Eudora – Svitanjem počinje zvuk” was published by “MAH” 2002. in Belgrade, and in november that same year by “Medicina Nucleare”. “Soleil editions” released an album “Trum et l’oeuf de Tai” written by Delphine Rieu in may 2005. in France. Illustrations for “Basne” by Radomir Putniković published by “Kreativni centar” won “Neven” in 2007. Publisher “Septieme choc” from France released an album “TAXI”, based on characters from Luc Besson’s film. Album was presented at Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2008. Short comic “As if you didn’t know”. Won first prize at 8th international comics festival in Belgrade which took place in october 2010. “Le Diurne – Wolfel Von Ulf” was released in 2011. by “12Bis” (France), written by Eric Corbeyran, coloured by Nikola Vitković. A collection of short comics “Modern mythology” was published in 2013. by System comics. In 2014. he got married to Marta Čelanović (ex Vlahović) with whom he formed the band Alhambra and a family with daughter Lena in 2016.

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