Tony Wolf hommage

I did an hommage illustration in the style of Tony Wolf, italian illustrator. Took some time. It’s strange how enjoying digital painting is when you’re not using magic wand tool and ‘fill’ command at all. Time consuming but relaxing.

Page on Red Bubble

Started doing designs for Red Bubble.

Feels like a nice challenge:


Latest book “Guzva u sumskoj skoli” Illustrations

I finished the illustrations for the Simeon Marinkovic book “Guzva u sumskoj skoli”.


I love the way these creatures spontaneously ‘happen’ by themselves. Almost always a certain song is to be blamed for inspiring their creation. I keep wanting to dub them ‘demons’ and the act of drawing them an ‘excorsism’, but it seems too rough. Not to mention ‘artsy/fartsish’!


It seems the old recipe for inspiring drawing ambience still works.

Caffe, stimulating music in headphones and I’m off!

In these few examples I had the general idea only of the basic shape

of the character and then continuned to bult on from that.

The mythology, the animals, the various characters from comics,

books, movies merge unconsciously together and what comes out

is a surprise even for me.

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