Teen troubles

Here are some samples of the illustrations I did for the book dealing with all the “joys” and challenges of a teen life!


“Bugs” comic strips

Here is a new one form “Bugs” comic strips.

…some sketches, work in progress shots etc.

‘As if you don’ t know? ‘

Here is a short story ‘Boris – As if you don’ t know? ‘, winner of 1st prize at International comic festival in Belgrade in 2010. Here are some sketches and a few illustrations of older Boris.

You can read it here:

‘As if you don’ t know? ‘

B001detalj1skec1skec2Boris 2Boris 3



I saw the hashtag…

…#artvsartist and had to conform.


“Knjiga o tebi”/ “The book about you”

Here are some illustrations I worked on recently for “The book about you” (“Knjiga o tebi”) by Nebojsa Vuckovic and Petar Perovic.

“Knjiga o tebi” official site

Really enjoyed doing this because it required some thinking and a lot more intuition.

But this last sentence “sounded” typical and this assignement was anything but. Nebojsa gave me complete freedom and encouraged me to really follow my intuition, that’s why this was so enjoyable and easy. “Go with the flow” isn’t a corny phrase when applied in real life. It is the only valid philosophy one can follow.


Tony Wolf hommage

I did an hommage illustration in the style of Tony Wolf, italian illustrator. Took some time. It’s strange how enjoying digital painting is when you’re not using magic wand tool and ‘fill’ command at all. Time consuming but relaxing.