100 Day project – Creatures

Here is number 66 of 100.

Oink oink!

You are such a boar!

66 100.jpg

Illustration from scratch

One of the illustrations from “Cirilo and Metodije” book.

The influence of Disney’s “Sword in the stone” is obvious. Few years ago I was studying the way the color was done on backgrounds for the film, specially the corners of Merlin’s cottage filled with books, learned a lot in the process.


Cover development

Sketching for the cover. I tried doing a dynamic pose myself, but reference photos always help a lot. I’m not a sports person at all, but it’s easy to see why sports photography is interesting. Still waiting for the final approval from art director.


100 day project – Creatures.

Started doing a 100 day project.

Hopefully, there will be an exhibition of all of them,

hundred is a big number!

This is the “line up” so far:

Eudora – world of insects

I started  doing weekly strips of bugs’ weird take on the world.

Really sharpens your mind, takes a an effort to be able to publish regularly.


“Princeza Kmeza” is out!

New storybook “Princeza Kmeza” writen by Svetlana Preradovic is out!


I really tried to change my style a little bit on this one.

Used some new watercolor brushes and textures, but still kept the use of good ol’ black outline.



Illustrator Saturday – TIHOMIR ČELANOVIĆ

Tihomir Čelanović was born in 1977. in Belgrade, Serbia. He grew up in Kotor, Montenegro, graduated in 2001 at the Faculty of applied arts and design in Belgra. Tihomir is an illustrator who loves …

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