Pippi Longstocking

Some of my suggestions for Pippi Longstocking.

I used ordinary and tech pencil, nice mixture.

Animal sketches for ‘Gužva u šumskoj školi’

I always loved doing animals of all shapes and sizes. This storybook will be filled with so many of them running in a crowd, making a mess.


Here are few illustrations done for Inktober.

I just love drawing with ink, so I had to participate in this one.

There is NO WAY I’ll be able to do 30 illustrations because of all the projects I am currently doing, but a creature here and there…

There is something special about drawing with pen and ink, I still feel

comics work the best if they are done in that medium.

100 Day project – Creatures

Here is number 66 of 100.

Oink oink!

You are such a boar!

66 100.jpg

Illustration from scratch

One of the illustrations from “Cirilo and Metodije” book.

The influence of Disney’s “Sword in the stone” is obvious. Few years ago I was studying the way the color was done on backgrounds for the film, specially the corners of Merlin’s cottage filled with books, learned a lot in the process.


Cover development

Sketching for the cover. I tried doing a dynamic pose myself, but reference photos always help a lot. I’m not a sports person at all, but it’s easy to see why sports photography is interesting. Still waiting for the final approval from art director.


100 day project – Creatures.

Started doing a 100 day project.

Hopefully, there will be an exhibition of all of them,

hundred is a big number!

This is the “line up” so far: